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Podiatry Services Adelaide


Initial Consultation and Treatment

During your initial consultation your podiatrist will take an extensive medical histroy, assess the vascular (circulation) and neurological (sensation) status of the feet and lower legs.


The structure and function of the foot and lower leg will also be assessed. Joint range of motion, muscle function/strength/balance and observing the gait (walking) cycle will assist with diagnosing any structural imbalances which may be contributing to current problems.


Footwear will also be checked for fit and suitability for current activities.


Treatment of lesions will also be done at this visit and a treatment plan formulated


Routine Treatment

Routine (maintenance) treatment consists removal of any hard and/ or cracked skin, corn removal and toenail care. Treatment of skin infections (eg tinea, plantar warts) and advice on any of you concerns about your feet and prevention of any further problems where possible.


Orthotic Treatment

Orthotic treatment is the use of custom made shoe inserts (orthoses) to align the foot and thus the lower leg, knee and hip into a more natural and effective position through out the walking cycle. Orthotic treatment may be beneficial for:

  • tired, aching feet / legs
  • heel pain
  • ball of foot pain
  • shin splints
  • knee and/or hip pain
  • excessively flat or high arched feet
  • ruducing symptoms and recurrence of corns and calluses by balancing the foot posture

Ingrown Toenail Treatment /Surgery

Many ingrown toenails are caused by incorrect cutting. Treatment will be provided and advice re correct cuttig procedure given Assessment of footwear is also omportant as ill fitting shoes can aggravate toenail problems


Podiatrists can perform ingrown toenail surgery using local anesthetic. This procedure will permanently remove part of the troublesome nail.


Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes can cause changes to the vascular and neurological structures supplying the feet and lower legs. It is recommended that people with diabetes have a vascular and neurological check at least annually with a podiatrist. Podiatrists also provide useful information and tips on how to look after your feet.